You need a used car but money is really tight. After doing your research, you have recognised the massive potential of buying a salvage vehicle. They’re affordable, most are less than 5 years old, and after a quick repair, they’re almost as good as new. That said, the process of buying a damaged car (whether it has been in an accident, incurred storm damage or was stolen) is daunting. Which salvage vehicle specialist can best guide you on the journey of buying one of these hidden gems?

With 17 years experience, plenty of positive reviews and over 1 000 vehicles in our showrooms, Hallmark Auto provides you with the most informed and hassle-free experience when you make the decision to buy a damaged car.

Hallmark Auto premium salvage specialists invite you to purchase the second hand-car of your dreams at a fraction of the price through 2 easy methods:

#1 Register for a timed auction

Our auctions take place online within a period of 48 hours; giving you time to consider your offer(s) and do your homework on the vehicle.

Here are 6 steps to follow to participate in the thrilling bidding process when you buy a damaged car:

Step 1 - Pay R5 000 to register for the timed auction (Should you offer the top price and get the car, this R5 000 can be taken off the final hammer price or instead keep the money to remain registered for another auction. If you fail to have the top bid, this money can be used as a deposit for another auction). You will also be required to submit a copy of your ID and proof of address or passport and traffic register (if you are not an SA resident).

Step 2 - View more pictures of the car, engage in a live chat with a team member online to ask any questions and make an offer.

Step 3 - You are welcome to visit one of our showrooms in Bramley or Pretoria West to view the vehicle (bringing along your mechanic or panel beater to advise on repair costs) and ask any questions to our specialist team, who will guide you through the entire process.

Step 4 - Receive an email notifying you if you have been outbid or have secured the top bid, entitling you to the much-loved vehicle.

Hallmark Auto has a large selection of salvage vehicles.

Step 5 - Pay for the vehicle (the final hammer price includes VAT).

Step 6 - Hallmark will register the vehicle in the driver’s name for an additional R300 and offer delivery (if necessary) through a reputable carrier company at an additional cost.

#2 Buy direct

Buying a damaged car directly from Hallmark Auto can involve either visiting a showroom (in Bramley or Pretoria West) or purchasing it directly online. Whatever way you decide, just follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Select a vehicle online (or at one of our showrooms) and request a quote.

Step 2 - A salvage specialist will engage with you to determine if this vehicle fits your requirements and provide sound advice on any questions that may arise. Persons viewing vehicles online can engage with a sales agent through the live chat function and either request more information or photos or arrange to view the car at a showroom.

Shop salvaged and damaged vehicles at reasonable prices at Hallmark Auto.

Step 3 - Arrange payment for the vehicle (the online price includes VAT). You can pay an additional R300 for Hallmark Auto to arrange vehicle registration within a period of 21 days.

Step 4 - Once payment has reflected, you may collect the vehicle and either drive off into the sunset (if it’s still running) or we can deliver the vehicle on your behalf so repairs can be done (delivery fees apply).

Why choose Hallmark Auto?

If you’re not already convinced that our timed auction or direct purchase options are the best way to buy a damaged car, consider some of our value added services that make the decision to choose Hallmark Auto that much more tempting:

  • Knowledgeable salespeople with industry experience to point you in the right direction and give sound advice
  • You can visit a showroom and scrutinize the vehicles without any pressure to purchase
  • An active online timer function shows you how much time you have left to bid during a timed auction
  • Hallmark has a deal with a reputable carrier company to bring the vehicle to you if you are unable to arrange transport or reside outside of Gauteng
  • Our online prices always include VAT
  • A large inventory of passenger vehicles, 4x4s, commercial vehicles and motorcycles to choose from.

Join a timed auction or view our salvage vehicles online.

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