The excitement of being in the market to buy a second-hand car is unlikely to direct you to a salvage car specialist. In fact, an accident-damaged car is probably not going to pop up in your initial online searches or due diligence. So it might surprise you to know that buying a car from a salvage dealer could be a really savvy solution to your next ride.

Contrary to popular belief, not all salvage cars are destined for the scrapyard. And if you do your homework, you are likely to find that code 2 and code 3 salvage vehicles could well be worth the investment.

The ‘car of your dreams’ may potentially be disguised as a salvage vehicle.

Accident-damaged cars aren’t the only options you will find for sale at an auto salvage specialist. Vehicles with exterior damage from a hailstorm will also find themselves under the salvage car banner as well as stolen and recovered cars that do not display extensive damage.

At Hallmark Auto, our ‘stolen and recovered’ cars have undergone all the necessary police clearance checks and followed the right processes - so there is no issue in driving one of these off our showroom floor.

Here are 3 good reasons to consider buying a salvage car:

#1 Much more affordable

Buying a car is always a numbers game. Budget constraints will generally be a starting point when looking for a second-hand car. And It won’t take long before you realise that your wants don’t match up with your budget. Here salvage vehicles enter the mix as a value and budget-friendly alternative (especially if you cannot get financing).

Typically, you can buy a salvage car below market value depending on the brand, model, extent of the damage and mileage. Stolen and recovered vehicles with cosmetic issues are heavily discounted, and even if a car needs minor repairs, it might end up costing you less to fix than buying another vehicle.

#2 Much more choice

When it comes to salvage cars, there is a wide selection available to you. Salvage car specialists have access to a large inventory of vehicles, including luxury vehicles and sports cars. If you didn't think you were in the market for one of these options, considering a salvage car could put you right in that bracket.

Good reasons to buy a salvage or accident-damaged car

For the ‘man on the street’: Even though you know that you get what you pay for when buying a salvage car - you're buying it ‘voetstoots’ - you can not only grab a bargain but can also have the opportunity to upscale to a newer model or upsize to a bigger one. To do this you will need to know the cost of repairs - so it is wise to bring along an expert to assess the damage and repair implications.

For the car restorers out there: A salvage car specialist’s ‘showroom’ is full of hidden gems for car repair enthusiasts; either to buy a ‘written off’ vehicle for donor parts or for rebuilding and restoring. This is also likely to add value to the car if you decide to sell it in the future.

#3 Much more than an auctioneer

Now that buying a salvage car has made it onto your radar (and your online search), your next stop is Hallmark Auto. As a premium salvage service provider, we sell salvage vehicles online that we have purchased outright from insurance companies. We also adhere to the Second Hand Goods Act.

Our warehouses have the capacity to house over 1000 vehicles at any given time.

You can either buy directly or register for one of our timed auctions where you have 48 hours to bid on one of our online vehicles and do your industry research.

Hallmark Auto's customer service USPs when buying a salvage car

Our customer service offering includes:

  • A live chat option with one of our dedicated team of consultants who will guide and advise you.
  • A video call with a 360 virtual presentation of your vehicle of choice.
  • With showrooms in Bramley and Pretoria West, you have the opportunity to view the car, in person, with your personal mechanic who can give a realistic estimate on repair costs before you bid or buy.

If buying a salvage car makes sense, you will find the best range of passenger vehicles, 4x4s, motorcycles and commercial vehicles at the best prices.

Ready to purchase (repair) and drive?

View our salvage vehicles online or register for a timed auction.

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