You want to buy a salvage vehicle and have noticed that Hallmark Auto hosts a virtual damaged car auction. But you have so many questions. What is the process of a written-off car auction? How do you pay for the vehicle? When do you pay? Is it possible to view the car before making final payment? What types of damaged cars are for sale?

We’re using this blog to answer these pressing questions and make the experience of participating in a virtual damaged car auction that much more straightforward and enjoyable.

Benefits of a Damaged Car Auction

It cannot be understated that participating in an online damaged car auction at Hallmark Auto is probably the best way to buy a salvage title vehicle. Why?

  • You have 2 days to research the vehicle and make an informed decision before making your bid
  • You get to enjoy the benefits of a live chat online function with a knowledgeable sales consultant to guide you through your best options
  • You can arrange a 360° virtual presentation of the car that you’re interested in
  • If you prefer, you could drive to one of our convenient showrooms in Bramley or Pretoria West and view the vehicle in-person (obligation-free)
  • You get to relish the adrenaline rush of a timed auction within the comfort of your home
  • Hallmark Auto has the best deals on cheap, accident-damaged cars for sale
  • You have access to an active online timer function to assess the amount of time remaining to bid in the auction.
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Now that you’re ‘sold’ on the idea of participating in an online damaged car auction, let’s answer some of those burning questions:

#1 What Is The Process Of A Timed Auction?

All our online timed auctions take place over 48 hours, giving you more than enough time to do your homework on the salvage vehicle in question and consider your offer.

Let’s unpack the process step-by-step:

  • Pay your registration fee

    Pay R5 000 to register for the timed auction. Should you choose to pay via direct EFT, you can save 40% on your registration fee (paying a total of R3 000 instead of R5 000). This offer is for a limited time only.

    You need to sign up to participate in any timed auction. Do so by clicking on ‘timed auctions’ and then ‘register now’. Complete your personal information and pay the deposit using either OZOW or EFT into Hallmark Auto’s banking account using your name as reference. Kindly email your proof of payment to

    You will also need to supply a copy of your ID, proof of address or passport and traffic register (if you are not an SA resident) as part of step 1. If you win the auction, this amount will be deducted from the final hammer price, or you can opt to leave the funds and remain registered to participate in another timed auction in future. If you fail to have the top bid, these funds can be used as a deposit for another auction. Should you no longer wish to participate in upcoming auctions, you may request a refund.

  • View pictures of the car

    Engage in an online live chat with one of our team members and ask any questions you have about the written-off car before making an offer.

  • Visit our showroom in person

    While this is not a prerequisite for winning the top bid, you have the option of driving to one of our locations to take a squiz at the vehicle with your own eyes and make a thorough assessment.

  • Place your bid online

    Enter an amount you can pay as your bid online.

  • Receive an email notification

    You will get an email telling you if you have secured the top bid for your vehicle of choice.

  • Pay

    You need to pay the money within 24 hours of receiving the quotation. Note that the final hammer price does not include VAT.

  • Your car is registered in your name

    Hallmark Auto will register the salvage vehicle in your name for an additional R300 and will offer you delivery through a reputable carrier company at an additional cost.

#2 Do You Have An Autobid Function?

Yes, we do! You can place an initial bid and if you are later outbid, Hallmark Auto will place an additional bid on your behalf up to a maximum amount set by you.

#3 Are There Admin Fees?

We don’t charge a buyer’s premium or document handling fee. However, there is a R300 vehicle registration fee charged on all Code 2 vehicles. This will be added to your final sales invoice.

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#4 How Do I Pay For A Vehicle?

A R5 000 deposit is required for all online purchases or bids within the timed damaged car auction.

Our banking details are made available on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

When making full payment for the vehicle, use the stock number as reference.

#5 When Do I Pay?

All payments must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the quotation from a Hallmark Auto representative. Should your payment not be made within that period, your deposit will be forfeited and your membership revoked.

#6 How Do I Get A Refund For The Timed Auction Membership?

Contact Hallmark Auto by email providing a copy of your ID, proof of payment and a letter from your bank showing proof of account. Note that refunds may take 7-10 working days to reflect from the date of request.

#7 Can I View The Vehicle Before Making Payment?

Absolutely! Most of our vehicles are available for viewing from our sales floors in Bramley or Pretoria West.

However, some salvage cars are stored in warehouses across the country and viewing might only be possible via an appointment. Contact us to make arrangements.

#8 What Is The Process For Delivery And Collection Of Vehicles?

We don’t offer delivery but an arrangement can be made through a third party company at an additional fee.

Once the invoice has been settled, the arrangement for collection can be made with our office.

If you're ready to dive straight into one of our timed damaged car auctions, register today and experience our trusted reputation.

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