1. What does Hallmark Auto do?
Hallmark Auto is a premium salvage service provider operating in South Africa.
We receive our vehicles from top insurers in South Africa and have a display of vehicles at our branches in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our salesfloors are open Monday to Saturday.
2. What is a salvaged vehicle?
It is a vehicle that has been damaged to the extent that the insurance company has written it off, this could be accident damage, exterior damage from a hailstorm, water or fire damage as well as stolen and recovered cars that do not display extensive damage.
The level of damage is expressed in different codes.
3. What are the different codes sold at Hallmark
There are two different types of codes:

Code 2 – A vehicle which has been registered in the name of a natural or juristic person as a second-hand vehicle. The vehicle is not de-registered and is able to be sold to a third party as a used vehicle.
Code 3 – A vehicle which has been de-registered. The vehicle may be sold to a third party, but if re-registered, will be reflected as a rebuilt vehicle.
4. How does a Timed Auction work?
The sale of a single vehicle over the course of several days is known as a Timed Auction, and bidders can compete against one another without the existence of an Auctioneer. Timed Auction might extend consequently as they are going to lapse, to give all bidders a fair chance to make an offer.
We have an auto bid function which allows the bidder to place a maximum bid and when the bidder has placed a max bid and is later outbid, we will place additional bids on your behalf, up to the max bid amount set by you.
These automatic bids, placed in the bidder's absence, are called auto bids.
5. How do I register for a Timed Auction?
1. To be able to bid on any timed auction you need to sign up.
2. Click on Timed Auctions and the register now button.
3. Complete your personal information.
4. Pay your R5000 deposit for the auction membership via OZOW or EFT into Hallmark Auto’s bank account.
5. If paying via EFT use your name as a reference number.
6. Please email your proof of payment to TA@hallmarkauto.co.za
Your R5000 deposit gives you access to our timed auction membership. You have the option of using the R5000 towards the vehicle you have purchased.
However, if you decide not to purchase any vehicle your R5000 deposit is refundable.
Once you have won a bid, full payment must be made within 24 hours. Should payment not be made your deposit will be forfeited and membership revoked.
6. What are your admin fees?
We don’t charge a buyers premium or document handling fee, however there is a R300 vehicle registration fee charged on code 2 vehicles. This will be added to your final sales invoice.
7. How do I pay for a vehicle
All online purchases / bids require a R5000 deposit upon registration.
Our banking details can be found on our contact us page.
When making full payment for a vehicle use the Stock No as your reference number.
Strictly – NO CASH allowed on Hallmark Premises. All payments must be done via EFT or paid directly at the bank.
8. When do I Pay?
All payments must be completed in 24 hours
9. How do I get a refund for a timed auction membership?
To get a refund please contact / email us and provide us with a copy of your ID, proof of payment and a letter from the bank showing proof of account. Please note that refunds may take 7-10 days to reflect from the date of request.
10. Can I view the vehicle before making payment?
Yes, you are able to view vehicles before making payment as we do have vehicles on our salesfloors. However some vehicles are stored in our warehouses across the country and viewing can only be done via appointment.
Contact us should you wish to make an appointment.
11. What is the process on delivery and collection of vehicles?
We do not offer delivery, however arrangement can be made through various third party companies at an additional fee.
Once invoice has been settled the arrangement for collection can be made with our offices.
12. How will I be informed of new stock?
Visit our salesfloor in Bramley, Johannesburg or Pretoria West. You can view our stock on the Salvage Vehicles tab, be added to our WhatsApp group / or follow our social media pages:
Business WhatsApp (079 550 6148)
13. Can I sell my car to Hallmark Auto?
To sell your vehicle, send us an email at sellmycar@hallmarkauto.co.za with your contact information, as well as pictures and details of the vehicle.
14. Do you sell parts?
We only sell full salvaged vehicles, we do not sell any parts or spares whatsoever and do not do any repairs.
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