You’ve heard about the major financial benefits of buying a salvage vehicle. Now it’s time to take the next step and invest in the right car to suit your needs. Whether you’re up for finding a bargain and investing in a savvy repair operation or are wanting a car that you can drive right out the showroom without forking out cash for a big restoration project, Hallmark Auto has the range and variety of salvage cars for sale to align with your requirements.

With over 1 000 vehicles available for direct purchase or on timed auction at any given time, there are so many reasons to choose the team at Hallmark to guide you through the sometimes daunting process of buying a salvage title car.

Before we get carried away with outlining the benefits of buying a salvage vehicle from our specialist team, let’s outline some situations that a buyer might find themselves in and list the types of salvage cars for sale at our showrooms or online:

#1 Buy, repair & drive

Not all damaged vehicles are destined for the scrapyard. MANY salvage cars on sale are repairable, with the right help (call in a trusted mechanic or reputable panel beater to advise you on the repair costs and requirements).

This category of cars are not roadworthy and not possible to drive out the showroom without a minor or major repair operation. (But if you are prepared for the wait, you could soon be driving the car of your dreams at a fraction of the second-hand or retail price):

  • Fire damage - these passenger, 4x4, commercial vehicles or motorcycles have incurred some time under the coals. Whether it was a mechanical or electrical fault in the vehicle that ignited the flames or the vehicle was caught in house fire, Hallmark Auto has a few of these cars in our showroom that are just waiting - with a little specialist TLC - to be returned to their former glory.

Car catches on fire

  • Storm damage - Maybe gale-force winds picked up resulting in a branch falling on the car (causing a big dent or serious under-the-hood damage) or perhaps a heavy rainstorm flooded the engine. Although the extent of the vehicle’s impairment may vary, the Hallmark Auto team will be able to align your needs with a plausible repair job to get this damaged vehicle back on the road.

A branch falls on a car

  • Accident-damage - The impact of the crash was a bit more than a minor fender bender, causing the insurers to write the vehicle off. Contact your panel beater to find out about the cost of repairs before making an offer and driving off into the sunset with an airbrushed set of wheels.

A car is involved in a serious accident

#2 Buy & drive

This category of vehicles are the easiest for the man-on-the-street (or woman) to drive out the showroom at a fraction of the price. (The minor repair jobs can be arranged at a later stage):

  • Stolen - The vehicle may have been hijacked off an unsuspecting motorist or swiped from a mall’s parking lot, only to be recovered a few weeks later, without incurring any serious damage (apart from a few extra kilometres on the clock). While these cars have been written off by insurers (with payouts rightfully distributed to the previous owner), and bought by Hallmark Auto, they are, in essence, no worse than any other second-hand car at a local showroom (except for their shady history). Worried about the reputation of owning a stolen car? Rest easy because we have sorted out the logistics and made it perfectly legal to sell the vehicle to you!

A criminal attempts to break into a car

  • Hail damage - One of Gauteng’s seasonal hailstorms did a dirty on this car, making it less pleasing to the eye, but it still runs fine. You can buy the car (at a significant discount), drive it and save up for a panel beater when you have the cash.

Hail damage wreaks havoc on a car bonnet

  • Minor accident - An unfortunate rear-ender or prang in the parking lot left this car at Hallmark Auto, but it’s safe to keep driving. You can arrange a repair at your leisure.

A person points out a minor dent on a car

Select one of the salvage cars for sale at Hallmark Auto

With 17 years experience and a trusted reputation, there’s no better place to find a salvage car for sale.

You can choose to sign up for a 48-hour timed auction, buy your favourite vehicle directly online or walk into one of our two showrooms in Bramley or Pretoria West. Either way, our process is as straightforward as it gets!

Invest in one of our affordable salvage cars for sale today and save!

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