There’s no way around it, buying a damaged car has some undeniable advantages. From affordability to selection, there are many reasons why purchasing a damaged car is a viable and astute alternative to hauling out extra cash for a new or secondhand vehicle (if you do your homework). But finding a trustworthy, frugal and reputable place to buy a damaged car (otherwise known as a salvage title) can be a challenge.

With this vehicle segment becoming less of an outlier alternative for cash-strapped, financially savvy individuals, we need to explore and scrutinize 3 legitimate options for those looking to buy a damaged vehicle:

#1 Buy privately

There’s no doubt that if you tick all the boxes, purchasing a damaged car outside of a dealership can be a really beneficial financial outcome for both buyer and seller.

However, this option is fraught with risks and stress-inducing headaches:

  • A number of scammers, fraudsters and difficult people operate in this underworld, searching for innocent victims to swindle (leaving you without cash and with even fewer options for purchasing a vehicle in the near future)
  • The process of finding your ideal car within your price range can take time. You may also need to sift through a number of dodgy sellers to find your ideal car, wasting precious hours of your life.

If you’re not willing to take the risk and want a safer, more straightforward process, keep reading.

Woman assesses the extent of the accident-damage on a car

#2 Participate in an auction

In-person auctions (if you are informed about them timeously) can be extremely financially rewarding, with sellers in search of a quick buck, and bargain hunters benefitting by being at the right place (with the right cash in their pocket) at the right time to find a good deal.

But adrenaline-inducing in-person auctions can also result in ill-considered, wasteful expenses on vehicles that do not suit your lifestyle and budget.

This is where Hallmark Auto’s 48-hour timed auctions swoop in to the rescue:

  • Relax knowing that you have 2 days to research the vehicle and uncover all the information you need to make an informed decision
  • Enjoy the benefits of a live chat online function with a knowledgeable salesperson who can guide and advise you on your best options
  • A video call including a 360° virtual presentation of the vehicle in question
  • Drive to our showrooms in Bramley or Pretoria West to view the vehicle in-person (obligation-free) alongside your trusted mechanic, who can give you a quote on the cost of repair
  • Relish the benefits of a live auction from the comfort of your home
  • View an active online timer function to assess how much time is remaining for you to bid on the auction.

Visit our website to view our extensive range of vehicles on auction and take your pick.

Participate in an online auction at Hallmark Auto

#3 Buy directly from a trusted salvage specialist

While there are a number of legitimate players in the auto salvage industry, not all of them are equal.

When you visit Hallmark Auto online or in-person at one of their Gauteng-based showrooms, you can buy a damaged car while reaping the following benefits:

  • 17 years industry experience and a trusted reputation
  • A range of 1 000 passenger, 4x4, commercial vehicles and motorcycles to choose from (salvage cars sourced from the country’s top insurers that have either been stolen and recovered, or accident-damaged)
  • Most damaged vehicles are less than 5 years old
  • Knowledgeable consultants to give you sound advice and point you in the direction of your ideal vehicle
  • A reputable carrier company to bring your vehicle to you if you are unable to arrange transport or live outside of Gauteng
  • Online prices include VAT
  • Daily specials and bargains online and at our showrooms
  • Affordable prices and no additional admin fees.

View our salvage vehicles online today!

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