Whether you are looking for a new hobby (or simply a new car) buying an accident-damaged or non-running salvage car may be just the thing you didn’t know you needed. The ever-popular and financially-savvy hobby of restoration offers a number of benefits for those who invest time, money and effort into the endeavour.

Are you in search of cheap accident-damaged cars for sale? Let’s unpack 5 compelling reasons to give your newfound hobby a chance to succeed:

1. The thrill of restoration

Imagine the excitement of finding the perfect, salvage car. The sense of accomplishment as you finish each step in the restoration process, the hours spent engaged in a hands-on passion project, and the satisfaction that comes with painstakingly, lovingly, and successfully restoring a salvage car into a functional, drivable, machine. The delight of the restoration accomplishment is one of the main reasons so many people begin the search to find damaged cars for sale.

2. Access to rare and vintage models

If you’ve always wanted to own a rare, vintage, or discontinued car, salvage car buying may be the solution for you.

Salvage yards and auctions are oftentimes treasure troves for car enthusiasts and collectors, as they may have car models that are not readily or easily available on the regular market (as well as some great deals).

At Hallmark Auto, we have a wide selection of cars (old and new) in varying conditions that are up for sale or on auction.

A mechanic restores an accident-damaged car

3. Parts harvesting

Once you have found the perfect salvage car, and started the restoration process, you may find that new parts are too expensive, or that parts for your salvage car are not easily acquired.

You may once again need to visit salvage yards and auctions to find the parts you need for your project.

Purchasing salvage parts and doing the installations yourself, instead of forking out loads of cash for repairs and replacements, can be a great way to save money.

Alternatively, automotive enthusiasts or mechanics may buy salvage vehicles to source hard-to-find or original parts for other projects.

4. Cost savings

Compared to buying a new or used car, buying salvage cars can be significantly cheaper (even after factoring in repairs and restoration costs). This is especially true for the salvage car buyer that is skilled in DIY repairs and maintenance and doesn’t need to spend an arm and a leg on manual labour costs.

5. Environmental consciousness

Another benefit of purchasing accident-damaged cars for sale is recycling and reducing waste. Salvage car buyers not only minimise the need for new car production and the associated environmental impact, but they also keep salvage vehicles from ending up in a dump, rotting and rusting away.

Opt to buy a cheap, accident-damaged car for sale and reap the ethical benefits of reducing your carbon footprint and improving your environmental consciousness.

A man works under the bonnet of a salvage car

Ready to enter the world of niche, salvage car buying?

Hallmark Auto offers competitive prices, a wide selection of vehicles, and exceptional customer service, giving our clients the best options when it comes to finding cheap, accident-damaged cars for sale.

To dive into your first salvage car restoration project, visit Hallmark Auto online or at one of our convenient Gauteng-based locations today!

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